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On this post you will find resources to prepare the third conversation topic for ISE II level: the world of work.





Listen to this podcast about vocabulary related to jobs and professions. Write down useful vocabulary about this topic.

Listen to this podcast about the world of work. Write a summary in one sentence.

Listen to this podcast about professions. Find out what roles and jobs our speakers have. 


Answer these questions in pairs:

  1. Describe the first job you had for money. 
  2. In your opinion, which jobs are most prestigious? Why? 
  3. What three things are most important for you in a job? Why? 
  4. Do you know of any couples who have met at work? Is it a good idea? 
  5. What's your ideal job? Why? 
  6. Would you like a job that involved a lot of travel? 
  7. Why or why not? Have you ever known anyone with one of these jobs? 
  8. Do you think office romances can be successful? Why or 
  9. Is it typical for men and women to have the same jobs? 
  10. Who in your family or among yyour friends has the most interesting job? What about the most boring? 
  11. Imagine you had to leave school with your qualifications. What job would you apply for? Why? 
  12. Imagine you are at the interview for that job. What skills or qualities would you tell your employer about? 
  13. When you were a child, what did you want to be? 
  14. What is your dream job? 
  15. How long should women get for maternity leave? 
  16. Do you think human beings need to work to be happy? 
  17. Do you think 40 hours a week is too much work? 
  18. What do you see yourself doing in your retirement? 
  19. What would make you quit your job? 
  20. How do you balance work and your personal life? 
  21. Do women often face discrimination in the workplace in your country? 
  22. What is the worst job in the world? 
  23. Is it true that 'no job is perfect'? 
  24. How would you prepare for a job interview? 
  25. What are some inappropriate questions to ask in job interviews? 
  26. Other than increasing salaries, what can employers do to make their workers happy? 
  27. How is the economic recession affecting the possibilities to get a job nowadays? 
  28. Should interviewers be prohibited from asking about age, marital status, residency, etc? 
  29. If you had your own company, what type of policies, dress code, workspace, etc would you have? 
  30. How can a person make a good first impression in a job interview?

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