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On this post you will find resources to work on the last topic of conversation for ISE III.


  1. Do you live with your parents?
  2. Do you live with any of your grandparents? If so, why do they live with you?
  3. Do you have to clean your own room?
  4. Does your mother make you clean your room?
  5. Do you prefer living on your own or with your parents? Why?
  6. Is money a crucial factor for you to decide whether to move out or not?
  7. Why in some cultures do young people tend to live with their parents before they get married and others not? To what extent is this affected by traditional family values?
  8. Are you more independent from your parents now than you were in compulsory secondary education?
  9. Name some things you can do now that you weren't allowed to do in secondary education.
  10. Are you as independent now as you would like to be?
  11. When do you think you will become financially independent? 
  12. Do you think this age is the same in all countries?
  13. Who will pay for your university studies in the future? 
  14. Do your parents let you stay out late?
  15. What time do you have to be home?
  16. Do most teenagers equate wealth with happiness? What’s your opinion?
  17. Are young people today less resilient and independent than they should be?
  18. Have you ever worked part-time? What did you spend your money on?
  19. Have you ever had a summer job? 
  20. If you got a job, would you give some money to your parents?


Listen to this podcast and answer the questions on this worksheet


Watch the two first videos about independence: rules and boundaries

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